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February 2014. Swedish dancers Helena Berggren and Boel Jönsson together wich Kunming dancers Chen Jia and Zheng Weijia present the cross artistic interactive performance project "Sketches". 

About "Sketches"

Helena created the idea "Sketches" and invited Swedish and Chinese dancers to join the artistic process. During two weeks the dancers coreographed, met in dialogue and created the pieces for this unique performance. Helena also invited local artists and art students to participate in the performance, together with musicians Martin Berggren and Sara Forsang. Martin Berggren composed new pieces for the performance and also played different instruments as well as sang together with singer Sara. During the performance the artsists captured the movement in sketches. In the air above the dancers, who had created a cirkular stage on the floor in the middle of the gallery, strings were attached and while the performance continued the sketches were hung up in the air, filling the stage with captures of movement and moments from the dance and music.

In the end the whole ceiling was covered and the performanced turned into an exhibition of the memories of the dance. After the evening of performance Helena created a gallery exhibition with photos as well as the sketches from the evening and her thoughts upon the concept of sketches.

Helena Berggren

"The word "sketch" is meaningful to me. It captures the idea of the ongoing process of being a human being and is a glimpse of who we are in the moment, without the need of being complete. It has life and possibilities but no preassure of being a perfect image telling the whole picture. I see my life as sketches of different parts of who I am in different places, times and moments. It produces a feeling of freedom and distance from judging". 

Helena has carried the concept of the sketches with her for a long time and is very happy to have created the dance-music-art collaboration in Kunming. She hopes to be able to bring it to Scandinavia as well. "Since every performance is uniqe and with parts of improvisation the captures of the movements are very fragmentaric. This is a way of thinking of dance as uncatchable but still influencing. The sketches live a life of their own after the perofmance ends. They are not photos, clear copies of a certain moment, but a personal interpretation with life and personality. Art based on art. This activitates the viewer as well as the performer and creates a meeting and dialogue in the illusive movement"

Helena is a dancer, pedagogue of Eurhythmics and musician.

Boel Jönsson

Boel Jönsson was invited to Kunming as a friend of Helena Berggren. The two have danced together for many years and shared the vision to dance and create something together. Boel also contributed with solopieces in jazz and modern style to the performance as well as taking par tin the coregraphic process.

Boel Jönsson is a dancer from South of Sweden.

Chen Jia

Chen Jia is a dancer from Kunming who has been a part of TCG Nordicas artistic team for many years. She has been dancing with Helena Berggren from the age of 15. She entered the project as a soloist and a choreograph.

Zheng Weijia

Zheng Weijia is a dance student from Kunming. She became a part of the project as a coreographer of classical chinese dance as well as a minority solo. 



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