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"Sino-Scandinavian Piano Camp 2014"

August 9th-19th a group of pianostudents and their parents will arrive in Scandinavia to take part in a piano camp. The camp will include classical music, jazz, composition, piano ensemble, interpretation, Music Mind Games, Eurhythmics, creativity within the family and lots of fun and games.

About the pianocamp

We are proud and glad to have created a camp for children and parents from Kunming, interested in developing their piano playing skills and music awareness. The camp will contain individual lessons with focus on every participant’s needs and personal development. The teachers have long experience in working with children and also with finding innovating new ways of dealing with the student’s individual levels and conditions. Besides individual class the students will meet with teachers in group piano class and piano ensemble with music arranged especially for this camp’s students.

In addition to piano classes the students will get a deepened knowledge of music theory, based on the method of Music Mind Games (https://www.musicmindgames.com/) with certified instructor holding great experience. Every day the students will go through essential theory and ear training, rhythms, musical vocabulary etc., all done in a playful, creative and stimulating way.

The students will start most of the days of camp with a class of Eurhythmics (http://www.dalcroze.org.uk/indexb.html). In this class the spatial and tactile senses will be involved in the music education. Through movement and exercises using the body the students will deepen their understanding of the music itself and its phrasing, themes and melody. This will, among many things, enhance the student’s musicality, rhythm, creativity and improvisational skills. The class will be combined with a music listening class, and during the week they will have classes on improvisation and composition. Together with Jin Xiaoyun, a piano teacher from Kunming, the leaders of the camp will work out a program suitable to the specific students, and also use the repertoire prepared during the months leading to the camp. In Sweden the students will also play local music and traditional Swedish tunes and time will be put aside for individual practice to insure the best process for the student’s development.

The camp will include evening activities and a trip to Denmark. The camp will end with a concert in a concert hall and a farewell party and lots of time to spend together with family and new friends.

Music Mind Games

Music Mind Games


We are proud to present our group of teachers:

Martin Berggren - Jazz piano, composition, piano ensemble

Magdalena Prahl Broström - Classical piano, Music Mind Games

Annika Gustafsson - Classical piano, interpretation

Helena Berggren - Eurhythmics, Creative family

Amber Jin - Piano teacher from Kunming



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