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"Too much"

Philip Carlsson Solo exhibiton

About "Too much"

Too much
As the title suggest, this exhibition is going to include too much and everything. My inability to make a selection of what to include in the exhibition has made it to be somewhat sprawling.
Including, abstract paintings, poster-designs and photos, all trying to present a message, very subtle or on the nose clear.

Too many
In our everyday lives we are constantly surrounded by messages.
Thru newspapers, television, commercials, billboards, phone calls, magazines and so on, someone is trying to get our attention and deliver their message.
My thought is: There’s too many, we can take this many messages at once? so through our brain-filter we choose which messages are allowed to get to us on a deeper level.
Which ones are the ones that influence us, moves us, makes us laugh, cry, hurt? . Which ones are the important ones?
Which ones do we remember?
Which messages leave an impact?
And which are the ones that we don’t care about at all?
And when you leave this exhibition, what is it that you will remember.

About the artist

Philip Carlsson
I’m a novice artist from Sweden.
Since an early age I’ve been interested in photography. It was my aunt that really introduced it to me, we were often outside taking photos and then developing them in the photo-lab, my brother and I loved doing it. The only thing we didn’t like about it was that we sometimes had to be in front of the camera when our aunt wanted to take pictures of us.
From photography I’ve went on to love design witch is very influential in my work as an artist.
As a kid I was a big fan of the art classes in school and the most fun was the rare times when you where allowed to experiment with your own projects. That is basicly what I’m still doing; experimenting

“In the most simplistic design, we often find the deepest meaning”



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