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"Visit 14"

25 artists from China, Sweden, Norway and England creates site specific installations in a forrest, a village from the 18th century, a railwaystation from 1874 and in a unique green house from the modernistic era. The new meets old tradition. Chinese ink painting meets photography and contemporary art. Weaving technique and ceramics from Småland meets modern design. Contemporary art resides in the middle of the tourist tracks of Astrid Lindgren's home country and the theme is our future. With focus on sustainability we face the challenge of the problems of our time that can not be solved with economic growth. 

About "Visit 14"

To experience art that challenges, moves you or leaves a pleasent feeling of joy makes an impact on people. Visit 14 wants to show that art and culture is not mererly something for an priviliged group of people. Contemporary art touches all people of all ages. Both the green installations in the nature as well as exhibitions in the galleries inspire children to learn and to get new impressions and experiences together with parents or grandparents. In the Mariannelund area a visit to the gallery is as natural as a walk to the playground or ice cream stand, both for tourists and residents.

During the active years of the railway goods were kept in the station warehouse at Mariannelund station. The past years the culture academy of Mariannelund has used the station as exhibition hall. During Visit 14 the warehouse is filled with art, design and crafts of Swedish designers. The Swedish high quality products presents a counterweight to the wear and tear mentality that is a threat to the sustainable society.

The global meets the local when artists, who live their everyday life in metropolises, lands in a Swedish village. Since 2008 the Culture Academy of Mariannelund has held big, international art exhibitions. World events and global questions has taken shape in the small format, at the same time as artists from various parts of the world has gained inspiration and a chance to work undisturbed in the idyll of Småland. Among others Chinese artists will participate in Visit 14 and they will meet an exotic spot on the other side of the world in the Swedish countryside.

Many of the artists participating in Visit 14 have earlier on been designing rooms as the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. The green rooms they now have created in the nature of Småland will never melt, but are still perishable. With time and the changes of seasons plants and organic material will change in shape. The process will be documented during the year. In the end of the month of October and beginning of November Visit 14 will be a part of Smålands Culture festival and during the spring activities will be held at the municipal schools of Eksjö. For next summer the art exhibitions will be supplemented and upgraded to Visit 15. 

VISIT 14 at Mariannelund Station

The stationshouse is open every day 15-21
Barnfilmbyhuset open every day 12-18

More information and locations:www.visit14.se


Zi Bai
Sun Dapeng
Susanne Demåne
Anne Elmdahl
Johan Fremling
Oscar Furbacken
Marie Gayatri Kristofferson
Helen Goodwin
Ju Hongshen
Lisa Jeannin
Elisabeth Johansson
Peter Johansson
Liu Jude
Laila Kongevold
Liu Lifen
Anneli Linder
Jonas Linder
Anders Rönnlund
Rolf Schuurmans
Zhong Shuheng
Annika Smedjebäck
Jonas Wallinder
Gudrun Westerlund
Xu Yun
Xiaolin Zhu



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