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Ansgar University, Kristiansand, Norway
Ansgar University in Kristiansand, Norway, offers BA and MA programs in Theology, Music, Intercultural Understanding, Psychology and/or Christianity. It is the largest of its kind in Norway with around 300 students. www.ansgarhogskole.no

Areopagos, Denmark/Norway

Areopgagos is a Danish-Norwegian non-profit organization focusing on intercultural dialogue about theology, faith and philosophy from a Christian perspective, mainly in Scandinavia, China and the Mekong area. www.areopagos.org (Only in Norwegian.)





Embassy of Sweden in Beijing, Beijing, China

The Swedish Embassy in China works with trade promotion, development cooperation, press- and culture issues as well as migration- and consular service, all in line with the growing and many-facetted exchange between China and Sweden. The Swedish Embassy in China is also responsible for Mongolia issues. www.swedenabroad.com

Epic Arts

Every Person Counts (EPiC). The arts charity Epic Arts works with visual art, drama, dance and music projects for disabled and disadvantaged children and adults in primarily Cambodia and the UK. Its main establishment with café is located to Phnom Phenn. www.epicarts.org.uk

Espace des Arts, Sfax, Tunisien

Culture Centre Espace des Arts in Sfax, Tunisia, offers children, youth and adults courses to help them develop and use art as a means of communication. More about Espace des Artes...



Galleri Dongxi, Vestfossen/Oslo, Norway

Gallery Dong Xi exhibits contemporary art from South East Asia, and is the first of its kind in Norway. It occupies 250 square meters on the second floor of Arena Vestfossen, next to Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium in Oslo, Norway. dongxi.no/english/home

Galleri Lista Fyr, Borhaug, Norway

Art Gallery Lista Fyr in Borhaug, Norway, arranges large scale exhibitions and projects in and around Lista Fyr (Lighthouse), mainly during the summer. www.gallerilistafyr.com (Only in Norwegian.)


Hvide Sand Master Class, Hvide Sand, Denmark

Hvide Sand Master Class, HSMC, is a one week course on master level for violinists, cellists, pianists and chamber music ensembles in September each year since 2006. It is open to listeners. hvidesande-masterclass.dk/index.php

Hyllie Park Folkhögskola, Malmö, Sweden

Hyllie Park Folkhögskola/Shool (HPF) in Malmö is an adult education centre founded in 1997, with focus on integration, culture and theology. www.hylliepark.se/fhsk (Only in Swedish.)



Java Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The art gallery and non-profit art organization Java Arts is situated in Java Café, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Java Arts Gallery features an exciting mixture of local and international artists, changing the exhibition on a monthly basis. www.javaarts.org


KAIM, Mariannelund, Sweden

Mariannelund Culture Academy (KAIM) is a non-profit organization focusing on enriching culture life in the Mariannelund area, Sweden. www.kaim.se (Only in Swedish.)

Kapitän Designstudio, Örebro, Sweden

Kapitän Designstudio works with creating form and design for different settings, spanning from interior design to graphic design and photo. The Kapitän premises in central Örebro include a studio and a large showroom. Kapitän is a member of Svensk Form. www.kapitan.se (Only in Swedish.)



(The) Literature Association Cambodia-Sweden, Cambodia/Sweden

The Literature Association Cambodia – Sweden is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent non-governmental organization that promotes cultural exchange between Cambodia and Sweden in the field of literature in its widest sense. The Literature Association was founded in Phnom Penh in October 2003 and its members and board are in both countries. www.khmersweden.com


Meta House

Culture Centre Meta House in central Phnom Phenn, Cambodia, promotes contemporary Khmer art through local and international art exhibitions, -exchanges, -residences, -projects, and more. It boasts more than 100 m2 exhibition space. www.meta-house.com

MF Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, Norway

MF Norwegian School of Theology was founded in 1907 and is the largest theological institution in Norway, offering both undergraduate and master courses. It has increasingly become an international school with a global focus. www.mf.no


(the) Nordic Watercolour Museum, Skärhamn, Sweden

Nordic Watercolour Museum promotes artistic expression through watercolours, by showing exhibitions of leading watercolourists, organizing courses and much more. It is situated on the beautiful Swedish island Tjörn. www.akvarellmuseet.org

Nou Hach Literary Journal & Association, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Nou Hach Literary Journal/Association publishes the only journal of modern literature in Cambodia, widely used in High-Schools throughout the country. Nou Hach also runs different literacy and literature development projects, and is currently struggling to become financially self-reliant. www.nouhachjournal.net





(The) Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, Beijing, China

The Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, situated in the diplomatic area Sanlitun, cooperates closely with the Consulate General in Shanghai and the Consulate General in Guangzhou. Their common mission is to enhance and promote the relations between Norway and China in a broad range of activities. www.norway.cn/embassy/

(the) Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH), Stockholm, Sweden

With a history of around 300 years, the Swedish Royal University College of Fine Arts is a major art institution in Sweden. The college offers its around 230 students a five-year Master’s program in Fine Arts and other courses, as well as new and well-equipped workshops. www.kkh.se


Simao/Pu'er Teacher College Art Gallery, Simao, China

The Simao/Pu’er Teacher College teaches a famous traditional woodcarving technique developed in the area. The school Art Gallery is the only art museum in the area, and is currently (Jan. 2009) being expanded and refurbished. www.smtc.cn (School home-page, only in Chinese.) Contact TCG Nordica (www.tcgnordica) for more information.

(the) Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs (Ungdomsstyrelsen), Sweden

The Swedish government agency “Ungdomsstyrelsen” works to ensure that young people in Sweden have access to influence and welfare. One of many ways of doing this is to support young people’s participation in international youth cooperation. www.ungdomsstyrelsen.se/english


TCG Nordica, Kunming, China

TCG Nordica is an international art gallery and culture centre situated in the heart of the artist community at Chuang Ku/LOFT, Kunming, China. www.tcgnordica.com

twocities Gallery, Shanghai, China

The twocities art gallery in Shanghai aims to help young Chinese artists to find their place in the art world. Twocities is one of the few Chinese galleries that specializes in contemporary three-dimensional art, exhibiting pioneering work in glass, metal, ceramic, and wood and lacquer. twocitiesgallery.com


Uddevalla High School, Uddevalla, Sweden

Uddevalla High School is the largest high school in Sweden with around 4000 students and five separate school buildings in Uddevalla. The school teaches both theoretical and practical programs. www.gymnasiet.uddevalla.se (Only in Swedish.)


Verksted på Vollen 2009, Granavollen, Norway

Verkstad på Vollen is a week-end conference about the potential of various artistic expressions in a liturgical setting, taking place in the end of March -09. It is supported by the Norwegian Art Council. www.verkstedpavollen.no (Only in Norwegian.)

Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen/Oslo, Norway

Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen, close to Oslo, is situated in a rebuilt factory from 1886 and occupies a space of 1 800 square meters. It is one of the leading exhibition halls for contemporary art in Norway today, and displays one main exhibition every year. www.vestfossen.com (Only in Norwegian.)

Västra Götalandregionen, Göteborg, Sweden

Västra Götalandregionen is acting as the County Council for the West Götaland Region, a district on the Swedish west coast. Västra Götalandregionen offers grants to an international Artist in Residence Programme (see below link: Västra Götaland International AIR Programme.) www.vgregion.se

Västra Götaland International AIR Programme

Grants for an international Artist in Residence programme, through which local artists go to China/TCG Nordica for three months are offered by Västra Götalandregionen, Sweden. Artists from China are likewise offered to come to Sweden/the Nordic Watercolour Museum for three months. www.vregion.se...International AIR Programme (Only in Swedish.)




Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

Yunart Gallery, Kunming, China

With a focus on contemporary art, Yunart Gallery, displays art by many of the most renowned Chinese artists today. The Gallery has been opened since 2006, and adjoins restaurant The Gingko Elite in Green Lake Park, Kunming. www.yunartgallery.cn

Yunnan University School of Art, Kunming, China

Yunnan University Art School is one of Yunnan University’s 17 Colleges, offering majors in Music, Fine Arts, Painting as well as Art and Design. Yunnan University, founded in 1922, is the leading university in its province. www.ynu.edu.cn/english (University English main-page.)




Ø / Ö

ØKS – Østfold Kunstnersenter, Fredrikstad, Norway

Østfold Kunstnersenter (Østfold Artist Centre) is a local part of a national network for professional artists in Norway, and involves 120 artists. The centre, which is funded by public means, occupies a building in central Fredrikstad. It contains a gallery, studios, art- and coffee shop, and an office. www.kunstnersenter.no/oks/ (Only in Norwegian.)

Örebro Art College, Örebro, Sweden

Örebro Art College has since 1986 developed into a daytime fulltime art school, specializing in pre-university art courses, one or two years long. It has been recognised by and receives subsidies from the national Swedish Government and Örebro City. www.orebrokonstskola.se/english



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