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Den Svenska Friheten

What is freedom for you? Is it independence, safety, civil courage, the family, or something completely different?

Karin Wegsjö and Janna Holmstedt (Nu-institutet) work with the art project “Den Svenska Friheten” (the Swedish Freedom), investigating the concept and reality of freedom in Swedish contemporary society.

During the summer of 2010, an exhibition at Mariannelund train station is part of the three year long project's beginning and investigation phase.
The 12 of June, “Sverigepaketet” (the Swedish Package) arrived and was unpacked at Mariannelund train station, and the exhibition was opened.


Exhibition: Den Svenska Friheten

Venue: Mariannelund Train Station, Mariannelund
Dates: 12 June - 22 Aug 2010
Daily opening times: Tues- Sun 12-19



Nu-institutets project “Den Svenska Friheten” is supported by Framtidens Kultur, Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad och Riksteatern and carried out in collaboration with Norrbottensteatern in Luleå and Stationskooperativ M and Kulturakademien KAIM in Mariannelund, Sweden.

What is the Chinese Freedom? The project “The Swedish Freedom” will connect with the ArtsNordica project FOLK 11 local/global with subtitle “freedom” during the year 2011. FOLK 11 will contain exhibitions and Art events organized in Norway, Sweden and China.


"Dhe Swedish Freedom" exhibition opening 12 June 2010

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