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TCG Nordica 10 years anniversery book!

For 10 years TCG Nordica has been a home for cultural exchange and contemporary artistic expression in Kunming, China. Now you can read about it in a book.

This long-awaited book gives the broad outlines of TCG Nordica's story and history with many examples of different happenings during this important period. The book is filled with images and voices of people who has participated in various projects, exhibitions, performances and concerts during the years. It also reflects the Culture Course in China and its students who have formed a distinct Scandinavian presence at the cultural center each year along with all the young Chinese artists who have worked together with them and each other over the years.

Book / Purchase details

Size: 168×212mm
Pages: 178p, color print.
Price: SEK 150 (members SEK 100) + postage

The book can be purchased through ArtsNordica's website and Hyllie Park Folkhögskola's office. Contact Eva Johansson at eva.johansson@ hylliepark.se or call her on 040-375956!

Book / Table of Contents

(each article is presented both in Chinese and English)

009 // From Mould Production to Art Quarter // Hanna Sahlberg

061 // Soil for the Cultivation of Values // Luo Fei

089 // Young Musicians’ Development // Mari Salli

095 // Small Stage, Big World // Li Qi

109 // The Culture Course and TCG Nordica // Josef Mörnerud

121 // TCG Nordica’s Culture Tourism

132 // Dictation: TCG Nordica I Know // Yu Jian et al

151 // TCG Nordica 10 years

157 // International Culture and Arts Exchange Projects Archives 1999-2010

172 // TCG Nordica Team (2000-2010)

175 // Postscript

Book / samples of album pages:

Postscript / a greeting from TCG Nordica

Over the past decade, stories and people associated with TCG Nordica have been as numerous as the sand on the seashore, with each being so precious. We have witnessed the process how they came across, got acquainted, accompanied and accepted with each other right here. It’s our honor to be involved in the cause of cultural exchanges, artistic exploration and social care. We hereby decided to compile this album, in order to review the past as well as to look into the future.

This book was edited and designed by Luo Fei, the gallery director, while everyone in the team have done his/her bit to offer support (Wu Yuerong, Sky, Aria, Zhu Xiaolin, Nina etc). However, due to time constraints, limited capacity, scarce resources or the lost of them in the earlier phases and plus our poor memories and financial resources, it is difficult to present this book perfect as there will be inevitably flaws, or places we hope could have done better. Thanks for your understanding. Should you find any mistake while reading, please do let us know; hopefully we can make progress in the literature for the next decade. We would also like to point out that this is not meant to be a historical document, but a report with the effort to explain our work. Therefore, we cannot include every art project and artist. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks to every friend who has involved and made this book possible, you are the authors of the texts and art works of this book. You are the photographers, who have generously provided precious photos for the book: Eleonor Broman, Gao Yunfei, Li Xu, Du Ning, Lin Zonghui, Carl Rytterfalk, Mikael Dahl, Jonathan Kearney, Anders Gustafsson…and so on. But there are still many photos we cannot identify their authors, you have our gratitude as well! In addition, involved in the translation of this book are Li Li, Jonathan Mellergård, Jeff Crosby, Xiao Diming, Li Jianbo and so on. Those who involved in proofreading are: Michal-anne Lum, Henry Zhou, Zhou Yi and Ruth Wu etc.

There are so many people to give thanks for. Our beloved friend, you have been always supporting, caring and even being a part of TCG Nordica, though we cannot list all of your names here, we are grateful for your time, love and hard work for TCG Nordica. You know who you are. We hereby sincerely say: “Thank you all!”

TCG Nordica Team



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