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12-29.4 exhibition ”Hemlängtan” (Homesickness) presenting the works of seven designers is exhibited at Kapitän, Örebro.

Exhibition ”Hemlängtan” contain ceramics, furniture, textile, illustrations and many other kinds of design works, with ”products for the home” as their common theme. (Above picture: “Grönt” (Green), by Tina Backman.)

Participating artists: Kersti Liss, industry designer (Kräm Design), Tina Häggström, ceramic designer, Tina Backman, graphic designer and illustrator, Petra Svanbäck, illustrator (Fiskrens Design), Jenny Eklund, furniture carpenter, Anna Salander, industry designer, Britten Toftarp, crown designer
Exhibition Curators: Karin Foberg and Anna Uhlin (as a part of the year of jubilee; Örebro 2010)

Venue: Kapitän, Drottninggatan 49, Örebro
Contact: Jonas Linder, phone, +46(0)19 12 57 80, E-mail, info@kapitan.se

Exhibition Opening: Monday 12 April, 18:00-20:00
Opening times:
12 – 29 April, 2010
13-15 April, 15:00-17:00
16-17 April, 13:00-15:00
19-29 April open by agreement
Extra: 13 April, 7:30-9:00. Swedish Form Breakfast with some of the participating artists (at Kapitän).

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12-29.4 exhibition ”Hemlängtan” (Homesickness) presenting the works of seven designers is...
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