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DISTANCE. A Norwegian/ Chinese Art Exchange Project

798 in Beijing and Flekkefjord Museum in Norway. Exhibitions, exchange and art workshops. Meet six artists from Norway and China while they explore DISTANCE and closeness during the spring of 2011.



February 2014. Swedish dancers Helena Berggren and Boel Jönsson together wich Kunming dancers Chen Jia and Zheng Weijia present the cross artistic interactive performance project "Sketches". 

About "Sketches"


Welcome to a global and local cultural day in Mariannelund!

5 Feb 2011. Exhibition opening near Kafé Kaim and in TCG Nordica Gallery Sweden. Meet four artists over coffee and cake with an international flavor at Kafé Kaim.


Celebrate the Rabbit Year!

Sat, Feb 5, 2011, Hyllie Park. A New Year celebration for adoptive families with children from China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea, families expecting children from these countries - and all others interested!

The Chinese/Vietnamese New Year Celebration, also called the Spring Festival, is the largest and most important festival during the year in East- and South East Asia, often compared to Christmas in Western countries.

In the traditional calender, each year is symbolized by an animal, all in all twelve in number. In 2011 the year of the Tiger will turn into the year of the Rabbit! 

Details about the celebration in Swedish, below.

Asiatiskt Nyårsfirande på Hyllie Park #2

Välkomna att fira in
Kaninens år!
Ett nyårsfirande för adoptiv-familjer med barn från Kina, Vietnam, Taiwan och Korea, familjer som väntar barn från dessa länder - och alla andra som är intresserade!

Lördagen 5 februari 2011 kl 14 – 17.
Kom när ni vill!


14.00 Kinesisk dans, sång och musik med stränginstrumenten pipa och guzheng, 
med Min Jia, Julia och Haochun 
15.45 Mer kinesisk dans och musik, bl a med en barngrupp – och så får vi alla prova på kinesisk folkdans! 
16.50 Stämningsfull avslutning med Khom Loy 

Dessutom kan ni fiska i fiskdamm, fika, skriva kinesisk kalligrafi, balansera vietnamesiska trollsländor på fingrarna, vinna på lotteri, handla på kinesiska marknaden - och lite till! 

Entré: 40 kronor för vuxna, 10 kronor för barn. Information om dagen fås av Elna Axelsson, tel 0766-14 44 36, elna.axelsson@telia.com.

Anmälan på ovan telefon eller mejl, så att vi kan beräkna fika och annat!

Dagen arrangeras av:
adoptivfamiljer, Hyllie Park Kulturförening och Kulturverkstad, Studieförbundet Bilda och Arts Nordica.

Välkommen till Hyllie Park i Malmö, Elinelundsvägen 55 (mellan Hyllie och Limhamn, se hylliepark.se). Buss nr 1 från Gustaf Adolfs torg, buss nr 33

Top photo: Chinese New Year Celebration at Hyllie Park 2011.


Ronneby 2011: Kitchen Events and Chinese Ink Painting

The kitchen as a political arena. The kitchen as the heart of the home. Ronneby Kulturcentrum displays Chinese/Swedish art project "Händelser i Kök" this January.


A Red Track in Småland

Photo suites Frozen Red and Frozen Youth. Installation How Should I Protect You. Textile sculptures. Ice/snow installation.


Emanuelle Brandström Bachelor Thesis, 2010

TCG Nordica and ArtsNordica

A study of in what way artistic meetings can increase dialogue and understanding between people with different cultural backgrounds.


New Culture Course in China!

A new group of excited students from Hyllie Park Folkhögskola moved to Kunming in early Autumn 2010 for spending the coming nine months learning about China through cultural exchange at TCG Nordica.

The group concists of eight students under the supervision of course leaders Helena and Martin Berggren.

BRIDGES 2010-2011. Part One.

An art project between Swedish and Chinese artists dreaming together about everyday events, movement patterns, lifelines …


Woodcut delegetion to Sweden

Representatives from Simao Teacher’s College, China, visit Sweden for a week in Sep-Oct 2010 to develop further cooperation with Hyllie Park Folkhögskola and relief printing group Xylon.

The delegation from Simao Teacher’s college, famous for it´s art/woodcut departement, consists of Mrs Xue Jingmei, professor and vice president, Mr Ma Li, ass. professor and director of the Research Center of Reduction Woodcut Print, Mr Zhang Xiaochun, ass. professor and director of the Collage Art Museum and Mr Chen Yong, ass. professor and director of International Affairs Department. Mrs Du Wei, professor and president of the College, was unfortunately forced to cancel her visit due to health issues.

The delegation arrived in Copenhagen September 25, and leaves October 1 from Stockholm.

In Skåne, meetings were held at Hyllie Park Folkhögskola. The delegation also visited art school Östra Grevie Folkhögskola and the artist´s culture workshop at Malmö Teacher College, together with Hyllie Park/ArtsNordica representatives. In Stockholm, the delegation’s program is arranged by Xylon society chairman Chun Lee Wang Gurt.

Den Svenska Friheten

What is freedom for you? Is it independence, safety, civil courage, the family, or something completely different?

Karin Wegsjö and Janna Holmstedt (Nu-institutet) work with the art project “Den Svenska Friheten” (the Swedish Freedom), investigating the concept and reality of freedom in Swedish contemporary society.

During the summer of 2010, an exhibition at Mariannelund train station is part of the three year long project's beginning and investigation phase.

Artist summer in Kunming: Michaela Peterson

Artist Michaela Peterson is the Swedish Västra Götaland scholarhip holder of 2010, and is already in Kunming, working in the TCG Nordica guest studio...

In collaboration with Västra Götaland (VG), ArtsNordica has been running an Artist in Residence program since 2002. The 2010 VG scholarship holder, artist Michaela Peterson, stays in Kunming from June 2 to August 31, and works in the guest studio.

Artist summer in Kunming: Åsa Herrgård

During the summer of 2010, former Västra Götaland scholarship holder Åsa Herrgård returns to the spring city of Kunming and to TCG Nordica.

Västra Götaland (Sweden) based Artist Åsa Herrgård, stays in Kunming to gain inspiration this summer. She will be living in one of the TCG Nordica guest flats.


Kitchen Events

Five Chinese and five Swedish artists meet again after five years.


Johansson's Jubilee Exhibition

Janeric Johansson's exhibition “Light Fight Night” is presented April 17 – May 8, 2010 at TCG Nordica, Kunming, and is on of the culture center's 10 years anniversary jubilee arrangements.

Janeric Johansson came to Kunming for the first time in 1999, and has since been a central figure in the work of TCG Nordica and ArtsNordica alike.

The theme of his current exhibition is darkness and light, and the unceasing struggle between them. The 25 art pieces in this exhibition have all been created by Janeric Johansson in the last two years at his studio in Kunming’s Loft area.


Congratulations, TCG Nordica!

April 3, Saturday. 250 friends gathered to celebrate TCG Nordica's 10th anniversary with an unforgettable evening of speeches, stage performances and a special memory exhibition.

People started arrive at 19:30 and at 20:00 TCG Nordica was filled with the chatting of 250 close friends who anticipatively mingled around looking at the

Cooperation with Zoltan Sigeti

Pianist and composer Zoltan Sigeti, Sweden, visited TCG Nordica and Yunnan Arts Institute for the second time in March 2010.

Zoltan Sigeti is an internationally well-known jazz concert pianist, who also works as a college teacher and film music composer.

At ArtsNordica's network gathering in Malmö, Sweden, last Autumn, he met TCG Nordica General Manager Wu Yuerong (XR) and a short time after that he was able to come to Kunming for a couple of days (21-23 October 2009), giving concerts playing American Jazz.

Chinese Artist Xu Yun writes about her residency in Tjörn

"One month on the island of Tjörn and my life is entering a new state, it is really peaceful. I learned to enjoy the slower pace of life. In Beijing, I asked myself: Do you sometimes feel like you are in such a hurry that you can’t get anything done?” Well, I was prepared to take the challenge for three months, alone, no driving and not doing my teaching work, only concentrating on doing my art work.



Örebro, Malmö, Mariannelund. Works by Nina Cheng

Young Artist Nina Cheng shows her unique woodcut artworks in Örebro, Malmö and Mariannelund in Spring/Summer of 2010.

Cheng Liangchun (Nina Cheng), Stage Manager at TCG Nordica is spending one year in Sweden 2009-10, through the TCG Nordica/ArtsNordica cooperation. At the exhibitions in Örebro, Malmö and Mariannelund she shows sketches and woodcut artworks she has worked on during her time in Sweden.


AiR: Xu Yun to Sweden

Xu Yun, China, works as an artist in residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum's studio from 1 Feb - 30 April, 2010.

The West Götaland Region Scholarship to invite a Chinese artist to the Nordic Water Colour Museum outside Göteborg, Sweden, has in 2010 been given to Ms. Xu Yun. She will stay in Sweden from 1 February to 30 April, 2009.

Xu Yun was born in the sixites in China. Her major is in oil painting, but she also works with porcelain sculptures. She speaks English fluently.
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