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Tiger New Year Celebration

2010-01-13. Welcome to celebrate the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year at Hyllie Park, as we change into the year of the tiger!

The Chinese/Vietnamese New Year Celebration

Bubbles, Knots and Canvas

The first ArtsNordica exhibition in 2010 features Swedish Artist Elisabeth Johansson and is arranged in Örebro, 30 Jan - 5 Feb.

Elisabeth Johansson has previously taken part in ArtsNordica exchange projects Love Protection and Sustainable Love (see above picture, Love Protection 2007, quilts by Elisabeth Johansson and Anneli Linder). Now she shows her art at Kapitän in a solo exhibition.


5 Scandinavian Artists at TCG Nordica during the Fall of -09

Grete Refsum, Alfred Vaagsvold, Barbro Raen Thomassen, Cecilia Jansson and Sara-Vide Ericson were all Artists in Residence in China through ArtsNordica's work during fall/winter 2009:

Barbro Raen Thomassen
- updated Feb-10


Alfred Vaagsvold: WAY

Norwegian Artist Alfred Vaagsvold shows exhibition WAY in TCG Nordica during September-October 2009. Alfred is a part of the ArtsNordica network since many years.

See his artwork:
Alfred Vaagsvold ArtNordica page


Neumann - Flute Concert 2009

Flute Player Michael Neumann from Sweden/ Germany visited TCG Nordica in October 2009, and gave an appreciated solo concert.

Flute Player Michael Neumann visited Kunming and TCG Nordica in October through his contacts with the ArtsNordica network. On October 22, 8pm, he held an appreciated concert at TCG Nordica stage.


Pippi in Cambodia/Vimmerby

Sept 30. Four Cambodians who work with children and literature, meet Pippi translator Anna Mattsson in a seminary in Vimmerby, Sweden.

Anna Mattsson, translator of Pippi Longstocking to Khmer, holds a discussion with four Cambodian guests, Khun Sovanrith, Pich Proeung, Cheam Duong and Chay Kep Chhoeun, on the theme "To work with Pippi among school children in Cambodia".

Everybody who is interested is welcome to the event, which is free of charge!

Click on the link below to see "Pippi i Kambodja" poster:

Gao Xiang in Scandinavia -09

Artist and Art Professor Gao Xiang from Kunming visits Norway and Sweden for 5 weeks in Aug- Sept 2009. He holds a solo exhibition in Örebro, and also teaches at different Art Schools. Here, you can follow his journey!

See his artwork:
Gao Xiang ArtNordica page


Hyllie Park students in TCG Nordica 09/10

A student delegation of nine students from Malmö HPF School is staying in TCG Nordica for nine months: from the Fall of 2009 until early Summer of 2010.

For the eigth year in a row, a group of Scandinavian young people particpiate in a cultural exchange in Kunming, China. Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in collaboration with TCG Nordica gives students the opportunity to study China from various practical and theoretical angels as well as participate in culture activities, such as concerts and other performances.

The eigth student group from Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in Malmö is lead by Course Coordinators Maria Mörnerud and Anders Gustafsson.

AiR: Lina Persson and Elke Marhöfer to TCG Nordica

Lina Persson, Sweden, and Elke Marhöfer, Germany, worked as artists in residence in TCG Nordica's guest studio from 3 June to 30 August 2009.

Visual Artists Lina Persson from Visby, Sweden, and Elke Marhöfer, Germany, stayed and worked three months in Kunming during the summer of 2009.

In the end of her stay, Lina Persson presented exhibition "From Mount Huan to Sheshan Mountain" in the TCG Nordica gallery. The exhibition opening also featured the book release of her "A Taikonauts Journey", and exhibition visitors could also have their portraits taken as taikonauts.


The culture summer in Mariannelund 2009 continues with a new exhibition - INTENTIONSTREMOR*) local/global with Rolf Birge and Josef Mellergård.

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 1 August, 14:00. Welcome!

Place: TCG Nordica Gallery Sweden.
Östra Storgatan 21, Mariannelund.
Telephone: 070 - 316 02 40

Opening times: 1 Aug - 30 Aug. Wed-Sun 13 - 17


Rites of Life to Mariannelund

Large-scale outside exhibition ”Rites of Life” to be shown at Mariannelund Train Station this summer (2009)! Arranged by ArtsNordica.

The out-side exhibition Rites of Life by Anders Ryman consists of 66 large, illuminated images, displaying people from different cultures taking part in rites that are performed when a person goes from one stage of life to the next.


AiR: Dai Xuesheng to Sweden

Dai Xuesheng, Kunming, China, worked as an artist in residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum's studio from 1 Feb. to 30 April, 2009.

Dai Xuesheng, Kunming, China, worked as an Artist in Residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum's (above photo) studio from February to April 2009.

Fairy Tales of tomorrow

Gallery Dong Xi in Vestfossen is showing the art of four Chinese contemporary artists in the summer of 2009.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norske Utenriksdepartementet), through ArtsNordica.


Verksted pa Vollen - AN report

March 26-29. ArtsNordica sent dancer Helena Jönsson to take part in Verksted pa Vollen – a weekend where artists from different fields met and interacted with theologians and church workers. Read her event-report here!

Helena Jönsson has been involved in TCG Nordica/ArtsNordica since 2001 and is an active member of the network. Here is her Report from Verksted pa Vollen 2009:

Finsk Form – an exhibition

1809 – 200 years ago – a Nordic union was separated into two countries: Finland and Sweden. These countries still share deep bonds of friendship and similar cultures, but unfortunately there is also much we do not know about each other. In Sweden, one of the areas of ignorance is the large arena of Finnish Form and Design…

...that is why ArtsNordica and Kapitän Designstudio, Örebro, plan to show an exhibition about Finnish Form and Design in Sweden in 2009!

This exhibition, Finsk Form, is later to be shown also to an international audience, in China.


Friendship Tunisia-Sweden

Project “Friendship between the peoples – Amitié entre les peoples” took place in Malmö/ Sfax in 2007-08, bringing the people of two distant places closer through their shared love for art and culture!

Focusing on communication through images and creativity, the project was carried through to deepen the understanding between the people of Tunisia in North Africa and Malmö in North Europe.


Kunming Dong Dong Qing Miao People’s Choir

MIAO choir project 2008

Prima soprano Marianne G Nielsen initiated and led a project with a choir of singers from the south Chinese Miao minority group.


Chinese Art Student to Örebro Konstskola

ArtsNordica/TCG Nordica arranges for Chinese art students to go to Örebro Art College for various periods of time.

Örebro Art College

Örebro Art College has since 1986 developed into a daytime fulltime art school, specializing in pre-university art courses, one or two years long. It has been recognised by and receives subsidies from the national Swedish Government and Örebro City.

Live from Earth

Artist Carl G Torstenson, Sweden, got inspiration and material for his exhibition “Live from Earth” on his current travel through Russia and Southeast Asia. The exhibition is showed at TCG Nordica, Kunming in November and December 2008.

Carl G Torstenson’s travel companion, Swedish artist Annika Haglund, also shows her work at TCG Nordica during the same period of time. Both artists use the UP Gallery.


The 2nd Kunming International Music Week

A Music Week is planned at TCG Nordica for the last week of November, for the first time since the Jazz/Contemporary Music Festival of 2005. Many nationally and internationally renown musicians are expected to take part...

Introduction to the Music Week 2008:

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