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Exhibition: Möte och Kollision

Young Swedish artist Josef Mellergård shows his art at Kapitän in Örebro in Nov - Dec 2008.

The exhibition "möte och kollision" (meeting and collision) is an exploration of what it means to meet the world, the people in it and yourself. More often than not, this meeting is a violent collision, sometimes it is fruitbearing sometimes its just destructive. Destructive such as mankinds affect on nature. Fruitbearing such as the meeting of two lovers.The exhibition is a series of acrylic paintings on masonite and plywood boards. Many of the boards are worn and cracked. Having served their "practical" purpose they have been thrown away as trash, but they have been recycled and have found new purpose. They too speak of meetings and collisions.

- Josef Mellergård, artist

Monogram XI

Well-known Norwegian artist Morten Viskum shows his solo exhibition Monogram XI in the TCG Nordica Gallery, November 2008. The exhibition opening was held at November 1, 20:00.

Controversial contemporary artist Morten Viskum was born in Helsingør in 1965, but is currently living and working in Vestfossen, Norway. Viskum has spent many years on his “Monogram” exhibition series, planning is to make 12 separate “Mongoram” exhibitions. “Mongoram XI” is the largest exhibition yet in the series.

Janeric Johansson in Simao

Malmö artist Janeric Johansson shows his three-dimensional art at an exhibition in the Simao district, Southern Yunnan, in November 2008.


Jonas Böttern to TCG Nordica

Swedish artist Jonas Böttern makes use of TCG Nordica’s guest studio for three months in 2008.

Jonas Böttern is usually living in Stockholm, Sweden.


A.I.R. Madeleine Aleman reports from China

Visual artist Madeleine Aleman, Sweden, works as Artist in Residence in a TCG Nordica studio during the Fall of 2008. Her exhibition “Colourful China” will open in TCG Nordica’s UP Gallery on November 1.

Letter from Madeleine Aleman:

Hyllie Park students in TCG Nordica 08/09

A student delegation of twelve students from Malmö HPF School is staying in TCG Nordica for nine months: from the Fall of 2008 until early Summer of 2009.

The seventh student group from Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in Malmö is lead by Course Coordinator Mikael Dahl.

2008 Autumn Concert

The twelve Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Culture Course 2008/-09 students from Hyllie Park arranged their first event on the TCG Nordica Stage for the year on September 27, 2008.

For the seventh year in a row, a group of Scandinavian young people particpiate in a cultural exchange in Kunming, China. Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in collaboration with TCG Nordica gives students the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as concerts and other performances.

On 27 September, the 08-09 students held their first performance since the start of the course. Based on HC Andersen's story about the nightingale, the group presented "I Heard the Nightingale Sing." The whole event was directed by the cultural students themselves and included theater and live music in both Swedish and English, written by various Scandinavian artists.

Lisa Tagesson Västra Götaland's grantee 2008

Textile artist Lisa Tagesson from Växjö, Sweden, is Västra Götaland Region's grantee 2008. She is spending three months in TCG Nordica Kunming during the summer.

Lisa Tagesson works with various textile techniques, and during her period at Chinese-Scandinavian Culture Centre TCG Nordica, 1 June - 31 August 2008, she has among other activities taken time for art exchange with Yi and Hanyi minority women from outside Kunming.


Sustainable Love_part two. Sweden 2008

The exhibition “Sustainable Love” is a culture exchange between five Chinese and five Swedish women, based on the participants’ different ages, cultures, life philosophy and working methods (design, handicraft and arts).

“Sustainable Love” is the second phase of an exchange that started in 2007 in China, in the Scandinavian culture centre TCG Nordica, Kunming, Yunnan Province. In Sweden, the exhibition first travelled to Mariannelund, as part of FOLK-08 (June 28 – July 31), and was then moved to Örebro Castle (August 3 – 17).

To see more pictures and read about the background, planning and purpose of “Sustainable Love”, see
Love Protection 2007.


Gao Xiang in Örebro Open Art 2008: 8*18m painting!

During 10 summer weeks, Örebro city centre was filled with exciting artwork in the most surprising places. Over 70 Swedish and international artists participated with their works, among them Chinese artist Gao Xiang.

Chinese artist Gao Xiang’s painting of a giant bride holding on to her doll-seized groom in the combined colours of Chinese and Western weddings – red and white – hung right in the middle of Swedish City Örebro this summer. The painting, enlarged to 8*18m for the occation, was part of Örebro Konsthall’s (Örebro Art Museum’s) huge art project “Open Art 2008” which displayed the works from different artists, Swedish and International, from June 4 – August 17, 2008, in Örebro City Centre.

The project was arranged by Mats Nilsson at Örebro Konsthall and artist Lars Jonnson, and financed by Örebro Municipality, Örebro Region Association, Adolf Lindgren’s Foundation, and a line of different companies.

Gao Xiang, China, is an artist associated to the artist community in the Kunming Loft area, the address of Scandinavian-Chinese Culture Centre TCG Nordica. His participation in Örebro Open Art 2008, was arranged by ArtsNordica.

Sigtunahöjden China Festival 2008

Art by TCG Nordica artists and performance by FOLK-08 musicians and dancers received a warm welcome at the Sigtunahöjden China Festival 2008!

A China Festival was for the second time held in Sigtuna, Sweden, this summer. The program included a great variety of Chinese culture expressions: exhibitions, discussion forums on different topics concerning China as well as performances.

TCG Nordica artists and performers represented Southwest China, and the interest in music and dance by our Yunnan guests was great. The festival was running between July 28 and August 3, 2008

Summer Concert 2008

Dancer Helena Jönsson and pianist Martin Berggren, Sweden, created a beautiful Summer Concert at the TCG Nordica stage on August 7, 2008, in cooperation with Chinese dancer Chen Jia.


Chinese Artist Luo Fei introduces the exhibition.

Chinese Contemporary Art at Kalmar Castle

The exhibition "Chinese Contemporary Art – Identity and Transformation" was opened in Kalmar Castle in June 25, 2008. This interesting exhibition is currently making a tour in Sweden, after the original exhibition opening in TCG Nordica, Kunming, and it shows the of 16 contemporary Chinese artists.


Kalmar Castle - Window of Yunnan

Yunnan Cultural Department exhibited artefacts representing Yunnan culture in Kalmar Castle Museum in the summer of 2008.

ArtsNordica/TCG Nordica facilitated the exhibition.

Sponsor: Kalmar City Government / Yunnan Government


The Chinese - Swedish ribbon is tied!

FOLK-08 Opening Weekend

The Opening Ceremony of FOLK-08 was held at the Railwaystation in Mariannelund, June 28. Many artists, locals, and other guests were there for the event, as well as for checking out the eight art venues - here are the photos!


FOLK 08 – lokal global

Mariannelund June 28 – August 31 2008: "FOLK-08 local global" invites to communication and understanding through the arts! There will be contemporary art of all kinds: exhibitions, seminaries, workshops, video art, poetic documentary film, poetry nights, outdoor cinema, youth project, music, dance performances…

The project is a Swedish follow-up of the international art project FOLK-05, arranged by Galleri Lista Fyr, Norway, in cooperation with Areopagos, TCG Nordica, China, and the ArtsNordica Network during the summer of 2005:

Photo from student exhibition "The Secrets of the Mirror".

Hyllie Park students in TCG Nordica 0708

A delegation of eleven students from Malmö HPF School stayed in TCG Nordica for nine months: late August 2007 - late May 2008.


Winners and Losers in Norway

Winners and Losers art exhibition displaying works by four Chinese artists takes place at Dongxi Gallery/Vestfossen in Norway in 2008.

Gallery Dongxi/Vestfossen 2008-season opened on May the 3rd with the exhibition "Winners & Losers" by four chinese artist:
- Che Qiji
- Lei Yan
- Xiang Weixing
- Zang Xingwang

The exhibition contained installations, sculptures, paintings and photos.


AiR: Chen Qunjie to Sweden

Chen Qunjie, China, worked as an artist in residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum's studio from February to April 2008.

Chen Qunjie, China, worked as an Artist in Residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum's (above photo) studio from February to April 2008.

Rhythm of Language_2008

In early 2008, Swedish dance group Avensis and Cambodian dance group Sovanna Phum participate in a dance exchange, together creating and performing a dance programme. The exchange was divided into two parts, in Cambodia and in Sweden.

The first part of the exchange took part in Cambodia, when Avensis travelled there for two weeks in early 2008. A few weeks later, the Sovanna Phum came to Sweden for two weeks to continue the exchange. The groups learned many dances and movements from each other, but they also got to know much about the other group's country and culture, and about regular life in other parts of the world.

The two groups performed togehter in both countries, in Cambodia at Sovanna Phum and in Sweden at Hyllie Park Folkhögskola, Hyllie Park Church, Malmö Academy of Music and at a “Malmö Folk” concert. The project was concluded with dance performance "Rhytm of Language" at Hyllie Park Folkhögskola.

Discussions and lectures about Cambodian dance at Heleneholm school and Malmö Music Academy were held during the second part of the exchange.

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