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Contagious Love 2007 - Artistic reflections on the HIV/Aids situation in China

The second part of Contagious Love, an art project supporting victims of HIV/Aids, is completed with an art exhibition and literature works in December 2007. The first part of the project was arranged in the fall of 2006.



Sopheap Pich from Cambodia to TCG Nordica

Cambodian Artist Sopheap Pich worked in TCG Nordica’s studio for two months in 2007 and showed the exhibition "Sopheap Pich's Recently works from Kunming" in early 2008.

This exchange with Cambodia also brought Pich's fellow countryman and artist Chath PierSath to TCG Nordica during the same period of time. Chath PierSath took part in the HIV/AIDS project "Contagious Love" (Dec 2007).


Cambodian Poet and Artist Chath PierSath to TCG Nordica

Cambodian Poet and Artist Chath PierSath worked in a TCG Nordica studio for two months, and took part in the HIV/AIDS art project "Contagious Love" in December 2007.

This exchange with Cambodia also brought PierSath's fellow countryman and artist Sopheap Pich to TCG Nordica during the same period of time.


Kaarina Ormio works in Kunming and presents "My Chinoiserie"

Finnish artist Kaarina Ormio makes use of a TCG Nordica studio during five months in 2007, and ends her stay with exhibition "My Chinoiserie" in the TCG Nordica gallery in 2008.

Finnish artist Kaarina Ormio was born 1968. She lives in Helsinki, and spent five months in Kunming. Kaarina Ormio works with with different medias for the same theme, where the fairytale princess tends to appear in one way or another.


"Seeds of Hope"

October 2007. Swedish Artists AnnaKarin Svensson and Eta Hedman present the exhibition "Seeds of Hope" in TCG Nordica, Kunming.

Eta Hedman


Bohusläns Museum

Chinese Contemporary Art at Bohusläns Museum

The exhibition "Chinese Contemporary Art – Identity and Transformation" was exhibited in TCG Nordica before being moved to Bohusläns Museum in Sweden for the period of September – November of 2007. Chinese artists Liu Lifen, Luo Fei and Mao Xuhui visited Sweden for the opening ceremony, representing the16 participating Chinese artists.


Arne Revheim to TCG Nordica

Norwegian artist Arne Revheim uses TCG Nordica’s studio during one month, in the Fall of 2007.

Arne Revheim, born 1965, was educated in the ”Tegne- og maleskolen” and in the State University for Art Craft and Design, both situated in Bergen, and in Vestlandets Art Academy. He has had both solo and joint exhibitions, received many scholarships and has also worked with public decoration.

During his time in Kunming, he also held an introduction of his art in TCG Nordica's "English Corner", on Monday 17 September.


Nu testar PI

Annica Stubbs to TCG Nordica

Finnish Film Maker Annica Stubbs stayed in TCG Nordica for a four months residence project in 2007.

During her time in Kunming, she also held an introduction of Finnish Media in TCG Nordica's "English Corner" forum, on Monday 3 September.


"Love Protection" part one. 2007

Love Protection is a cultural exchange project between female Swedish and Chinese craftsmen in different arts forms, e.g. silversmith, textile designer, designer. The craftsmen would like to express the theme “LOVE PROTECTION” (the name of the project) by using several creative methods, compare the language of love in China and in Sweden, focus on the “right side” of love as a positive force in a sexualized society.

The first phase of the project Love protection takes place in TCG Nordica. Five Swedish artists: Anneli Linder, Christina Nyström Jansson, Elisabeth Johansson, Linda Thörnblad and Else Månsson meet and work together with five Chinese artists: Dou Yu, Sha Sha, Shi Zhijie, Wang Han and Zhang Yi. The exhibition displays art in various materials, such as silver work, oil paintings, textile weaving print, textile and metal sculptures.

To read more about the background, planning and purpose or to see photos from the exchange in China, keep scrolling down. To go to the page about the second phase of the project click here:

Tibor Csikós works in TCG Nordica and present exhibition "Tibor Csikós"

The Swedish Artist Tibor Csikós visits Kunming for three months, working in one of TCG Nordica’s guest studios. The final result is presented through his solo exhibition “Tibor Csikós”, displayed in TCG Nordica’s “UP Gallery”.

About the artist


Susanne Chen to TCG Nordica

Danish Artist Susanne Chen makes use of TCG Nordica studio during two months and holds art workshops for children and adults.

Susanne Chen came to TCG Nordica in the summer of 2007 and stayed two months. An art workshop was held in 7 July 2007.


Hyllie Park students in TCG Nordica 0607

A delegation of ten students from Malmö HPF School stayed in TCG Nordica for nine months during the Fall of 2006 and Spring of 2007.

The fifth student group from Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in Malmö was lead by Course Coordinator Maria Ringblom.

Kristina Henrysson to YAI, Kunming

Swedish Artist Kristina Henrysson stays in Yunnan Art Institute for five months through a university exchange with the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. The exchange is organized by TCG Nordica / Artsnordica.

Time: 5 months, 2007.

Cooperation Partner: The Royal Academy of Art, Sweden


Children of China - photo exhibition

Chinese Photographers Ye Julan, Zhang Yongning, Chen Lin, Dekun Shen, Wang Yuhui exhibit their photo exhibition "Children of China" in Sweden.

"Children of China" was exhibited in Sweden in 2007.

Sponsor: Västra Götaland


XYLON - The art of relief printing from Sweden

Relief printing artist association XYLON holds an exhibition in the TCG Nordica gallery as a part of a world tour. Curator is the Swedish artist and chairman of XYLON Sweden, Chun Lee Wang Gurt.



Artist in Residence: Lei Yan in Scandinavia

Lei Yan is invited to the Nordic Water Colour Museum from February to April 2007, to work as an artist in residence. In May, she goes to Norway, and uses the Fredrikstad’s guest studio.

Lei Yan was previously a female soldier in the Chinese Red Army for 30 years (1970-2001) and after retiring she joined the Kunming contemporary art community “Chuangku” to set up her own studio.

Sponsor: Västra Götaland and TCG Nordica


Kunming Artist Wu Yanxi visits Fredrikstad in Norway and Örebro in Sweden

In 2007, Chinese artist Wu Yanxi visited Fredrikstad Gallery in Norway and there showed her paintings in an exhibition for one month. She also visited Swedish Örebro Art School, taking part in an exchange program.

Wu Yanxi has worked as a Loft artist for many years, often with her magical "potato people" paintings.

Sponsor: ArtsNordica


Agneta Segerfelt to TCG Nordica

Swedish artist Agneta Segerfelt uses TCG Nordica’s studio during three months in 2007.

Agneta Segerfelt is from Alingsås, Sweden. She visited TCG Nordica for a period of three months.



Avensis to Kunming

It is Christmas time 2006, and Malmö dance group Avensis comes to TCG Nordica to participate in a dance project, involving 20 dancers from Sweden and China.

Swedish dance association Avensis takes part in a dance exchange in TCG Nordica and 20 dancers from both Sweden and Yunnan participate in practice and performances. Dancer and leader of Avensis, Helena Jönsson from Malmö, initiated and led the project.

The Avensis Group Members are: Annika Bergmark, Mia Borstrand, Hanna Jacobsson, Hanna Forsang, Annasara Yderstedt, Elisabeth Forsang, Mirjam Mörnerud. Leader is Helena Jönsson. Special member: Mima Carlberg.


Sami - Li Su Minority Project (two parts)

In year 2005 and 2006 ArtsNordica arranged a project involving representatives from the Sami minority, Scandinavia, and the Li Su minority in Yunnan, China. By being guests in each other’s homes, the participants learned about the other group’s lifestyle, culture, religion and background.

Project Goals and Focus

The main focus of the project is to let the Sami people group get to know a Chinese minority people, the Li Su, and visa versa, on an equal basis. The two minority groups should be given the opportunity to:
1) Learn more about the other group’s life and culture
2) Learn about the other group’s religion, lifestyle and culture background
3) Experience the Nature and the Geographical environment the minority group has been cultivated in.
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