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"True Fiction" by Alves and Lindberg

Swedish artists Lennart Alves and Marit Lindberg use TCG Nordica’s guest studio for one month and presents a photography and video art exhibition in TCG Nordica’s gallery.

Photo and Film exhibition "True Fiction"


Cecilia Jansson in TCG Nordica

Cecilia Jansson starts the exchange project between Örebro Art School, Sweden, and TCG Nordica. She makes use of TCG Nordica’s guest studio for one month in October 2006, and presents an exhibition in the TCG Nordica gallery.

"Art, handcraft and illustration has their own worlds and I like to be in all of them. I have a background as a professional potter and have worked with woodfired stoneware sculptures for many years. Now I mainly work with charcoal drawings in big scales. I get trigged by limits. Fascinated by semiotics. I work in my own studio and I am a headteacher at Örebro Artschool."

- Cecilia Jansson


To Faraway Land

In the honour of Swedish children’s books author Astrid Lindgren, TCG Nordica organized children’s project “To Faraway Land” for two weeks early in the fall of 2006. Activities included an exhibition, art workshops, lectures, discussions, music performances and films about Astrid Lindgren and her beloved book characters.

“To Faraway Land” was organized at TCG Nordica between August 26 and September 13, 2006. Hundreds of children and adults were taking part in the different arranged activities, especially in the Saturday Open Houses.

Special guests at "To Faraway Land" were Art Pedagogue Cecilia Nelson (Sweden), Dancer Liz Alford (USA), Artist/Author Anita Bergendahl-Steiner (Sweden) and Translator Ji Hong Peterson (Sweden/China).

"Contagious Love" 2006 exhibition

The "Contagious Love" art project brings up the HIV/Aids question, and this first part of the project was completed with an exhibition in TCG Nordica in September 2006. 38 artists mainly from China participate in the project. A continuation of “Contagious Love” is carried through in late 2007.


Ansgar University – Yunnan University Art School

ArtsNordica/TCG Nordica has arranged an annual exchange between the Norwegian Ansgar University, Kristiansand, and Yunnan University School of Art, Kunming, since 2006.

Norwegian Ansgar University

Ansgar University in Kristiansand, Norway, offers BA and MA programs in Theology, Music, Intercultural Understanding, Psychology and/or Christianity. The university is the largest of its kind in Norway with around 300 students, and has an international focus.

Uddevalla High School – TCG Nordica – Yunnan Hua Xia Technical School

Since 2006 there has been an annual exchange between Swedish Uddevalla High School, TCG Nordica and Yunnan Hua Xia Technical School for Disabled arranged by TCG Nordica/ArtsNordica.

Uddevalla High School

Uddevalla High School is the largest high school in Sweden with around 4000 students and five separate school buildings in Uddevalla. The school teaches both theoretical and practical programs.

"to the end" - jacquard knitting, cotton, 180 x 160 cm

Meggi Sandell in TCG Nordica

Artist Meggi Sandell uses TCG Nordica’s guest studio for three summer months and presents an exhibition in TCG Nordica’s gallery.


Hyllie Park students in TCG Nordica 0506

A delegation of ten students from Malmö HPF School stayed in TCG Nordica for nine months during the Fall of 2005 and Spring of 2006.

The forth student group from Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in Malmö was lead by Course Coordinator Maria Ringblom.

Soprano Marianne G. Nielsen visits TCG Nordica

Danish Soprano Marianne G. Nielsen visits TCG Nordica for one month in June 2006. She gives two concerts and teaches master classes.

Marianne G. Nielsen made her opera debut in Jerusalem in 2000, after graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Since then, she has been an internationally sought after prima soprano who has also appeared on TV and radio a number of times. One of Marianne’s specialities is her unique interpretation of “Hildegard from Bingen”.

Marianne G. Nielsen performed in TCG Nordica for the first time in 2003, and has been a frequent guest since then.


Shen Qin and He Libing to Vestfossen

Shen Qin and He Libing visit Norway Vestfossen gallery in May-June as artists in residence. An exhibition is presented together with Tang Zhigang.

About Shen Qin


Commemorating Ibsen

The playwright Henrik Ibsen died 100 years ago, but is still highly relevant. To commemorate Ibsen and his work, TCG Nordica hosted two exhibitions with a Norwegian theme in April 2006, as well as arranged connected activities.

The exhibitions “Ibsen 2006" and “Norway through Chinese eyes” were shown in the TCG Nordica Gallery April 14 – 22, 2006, in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing.

In connection with the exhibitions, the president of the Yunnan Arts Institute, Mr Wu Weimin, who specializes in drama, gave a lecture entitled “Ibsen’s Influence on Chinese Female Dramas in the 20th Century”. There was also a theatrical performance by students Ingrid Barth Petersen, Norway, and Janna Gyll, Sweden.


Norway through Chinese Eyes

“Norway through Chinese eyes” shows the work of four Chinese photographers, who went to Norway to portray the country, and is one of two exhibitions with a Norwegian theme in the Spring of 2006 in TCG Nordica.

Photo exhibition Norway through Chinese eyes is presented at TCG Nordica. The exhibition shows different aspects of Norway – city and countryside, the north and the south.

The photos are taken by four of China’s best photographers who were sent on a documentary mission to Norway by the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing.

In Norway, they stayed with Norwegian families, experiencing a unique chance to learn about and document Norwegian life from the inside.

The resulting photo exhibition was shown at TCG Nordica, 14 - 22 April 2006.


Grete Refsum in TCG Nordica

Norwegian Artist and Art Professor Grete Refsum uses TCG Nordica’s guest studio for six months, March to September, 2006.

During her time in TCGNordica Grete worked on ”The Way of Christ – The Way of Dao”, a series containing seventeen independent pieces of work.


Wu Wei in Sweden and Norway

Wu Wei visits the Nordic Water Colour Museum from February to April as an artist in resident. In May, he is invited to use Fredrikstad’s guest studio in Norway.

Sponsor: West Götaland Region /TCG Nordica


Christina Wassberg works in Nordica studio

Swedish Artist Christina Wassberg makes use of TCG Nordica’s guest studio for one month in 2006.

Sponsor: West Götaland Region


Sami - Li Su Minority Project (two parts)

In year 2005 and 2006 ArtsNordica arranged a project involving representatives from the Sami minority, Scandinavia, and the Li Su minority in Yunnan, China. By being guests in each other’s homes, the participants learned about the other group’s lifestyle, culture, religion and background.

Project Goals and Focus

The main focus of the project is to let the Sami people group get to know a Chinese minority people, the Li Su, and visa versa, on an equal basis. The two minority groups should be given the opportunity to:
1) Learn more about the other group’s life and culture
2) Learn about the other group’s religion, lifestyle and culture background
3) Experience the Nature and the Geographical environment the minority group has been cultivated in.


FOLK-05 is an art project arranged at Galleri Lista Fyr, Norway, in the summer of 2005. More than 20 artists from different countries gathered together for two weeks, to create an exciting exhibition in the area around the Gallery.

Under the motto “Folk-05 local-global invites to communication and understanding among people through visual art”, Folk-05 exhibited the works of over 20 artists from seven countries in the area around Lista Fyr. The idea was to show art were people are: in the landscape, the bus, the bus-stop, a church, a fortress, in a harbour, in a bunker. Performances were held at the opening and the closing days.

FOLK-05 Exhibition


Writing on the Wall - part two

The second part of the dance project "Writing on the Wall" takes place in Norway. Dancer and Choreographer Margrete Kvalbein leads the project.

The second phase of this dance project takes place in Oslo and Lista Fyr Gallery, with dancers and musicians from Kunming and Norway. The dancer and choreographer Margrete Kvalbein is project leader. Writing on the Wall is an interpretation of Göran Tunströms novel “The Christmas Oratoria”. The first phase of the project took place in Kunming, China, in 2004.


Young Music 2005

Five Swedish students and five Chinese young musicians and dancers together participate in a music exchange in the spring and summer of 2005.

The first part of the project took place in Kunming in late spring 2005, in connection to the Nordic-Chinese Jazz Contemporary Music Week arranged by TCG Nordica. Around midsummer the same year, the Chinese participants came to Sweden where the second part of the project was carried through.


Hyllie Park students in TCG Nordica 0405

A delegation of ten students from Malmö HPF School stayed in TCG Nordica for nine months during the Fall of 2004 and Spring of 2005.

The third student group from Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in Malmö was lead by Principal Eva Johansson.
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