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Anders Gustafsson TCG Nordica Program Director

Journalist Anders Gustafsson, Sweden, worked as TCG Nordica Program Director, Fall 2005 - Summer 2006.


Zhang Qiongfei in Sweden and Norway

Zhang Qiongfei, China, visited the Nordic Water Colour Museum from February to April 2005 as an artist in resident. In May, she was invited to use Fredrikstad’s guest studio in Norway.

(Sample of Zhang Qiongfei's work - paperclip installation)


Janeric Johansson is TCG Nordica’s Gallery Director. Work of Heart.

Artist Janeric Johansson, Sweden, is invited to work as TCG Nordica's Gallery Director 2004-2005. At the end of his stay, he displays solo exhibition Work of Heart.

During his nine months in Kunming, Janeric Johansson, Malmö, worked in one of TCG Nordica’s guest studios as well as assuming responsibility for the Gallery as the Gallery Director. His solo exhibition “Work of Heart” was exhibited 2 April – 10 May 2005 in the Gallery.

Janeric Johansson also held art lectures at several universities in Kunming.


Nordic-Chinese Jazz Contemporary Music Week

A number of musicians from China, Denmark, Sweden and Norway take part in concerts, workshops and jam sessions at Yunnan Arts Institute and TCG Nordica, late spring 2005.




Logbook. Sweden 2005

The second part of the logbook project takes place in Sweden in 2005, when five Chinese artists from Kunming comes to visit the five Swedish Uppsala artists they first met in Kunming a year earlier. The project’s base is a one year long period of communication through logbooks between the ten artists before they first met.

The first part of this project is carried through in Kunming, China, where the ten artists meet for the first time in 2004, and create the exhibition together. The second part of the project takes place in 2005 in Sweden when the artists are reunited to continue their creative work together.



Five Chinese contemporary artists display their work in Örebro Art Hall in 2004 under the exhibition name “Five!”

Artists: Shen Qin, Tang Zhigang, Liu Jinhua, Sun Guojuan and Wang Ai’ying.

Sponsor: Örebro Municipality


Riitta Liede in Kunming

Sculptor and Social Scientist Riitta Liede, Finland, works in TCG Nordica's guest studio, Kunming, China, in the Autumn of 2004, and presents exhibition "Letters Unknown".

During her stay, Riitta Liede gives lectures about Finnish communal and environment art at Yunnan Arts Institute and Yunnan Culture Arts Institute. She finishes her time in Kunming with the exhibition “Letters Unknown”, presented in TCG Nordica Gallery, November 6 – 26.


Dan Fröberg goes to Kunming. Dan-Sun Planet.

2004, October. Artist Dan Fröberg, Sweden, visits Kunming to continue the cooperation with Chinese Artist Sun Guojuan. Together they create and display exhibition “Dan-Sun Planet” at TCG Nordica.

Swedish experimental artist Dan Fröberg and Chinese artist Sun Guojuan started cooperating during Sun’s time as an artist in residence at the Nordic Water Colour Museum in 2003 – even though they could not communicate with words, since they do not know each others languages.

After one year’s wordless e-mail communication between the two, Dan Fröberg came to Kunming in late 2004 and they created an exhibition together in TCG Nordica, the “Dan-Sun planet”.

Dan Fröberg and Sun Guojuan's on-going project was extensively covered by the Swedish regional daily Nerikes Allehanda (available only in Swedish):

”Verkligheten behöver sockras” (Nerikes Allehanda, 2004-06-13)

Suger & Salt

Five Chinese, five Swedish, one Norwegian and one British female artist take part in a barrier-breaking art project in Kunming and Sweden in 2003 and 2004 - “Suger & Salt”.

Suger & Salt, part one

29 September – 15 October 2003, in TCG Nordica, Kunming, China.
The artists work in the TCG Nordica exhibition hall and display their work process.

MF University – Yunnan University Art School

ArtsNordica/TCG Nordica has arranged an annual exchange between the MF Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, and Yunnan University School of Art, Kunming, since 2004.

MF Norwegian School of Theology

MF Norwegian School of Theology was founded in 1907 and is the largest theological institution in Norway, offering both undergraduate and master courses. It has increasingly become an international school with a global focus.

Young Poetry

The participants in “Young Poetry” are 12 students from Sweden and China. The project’s first part is carried through in cooperation with the “2004 Nordic Poetry Week” in Kunming. The project is later completed in Malmö.

The “Young Poetry” project is dived into two parts, of which the first takes place in Kunming, China, during March 11 – 23, 2004, alongside the “Nordic Poetry Week” at TCG Nordica.

The second part is carried through in Malmö in August 2004, as the Chinese participants come to Sweden to meet their Swedish poetry friends again.

12 students from China and Sweden participates in the project.


Åsa Herrgård to TCG Nordica

Swedish artist Åsa Herrgård makes use of TCG Nordica’s guest studio for three summer months and presents exhibition “Connection”.

Åsa Herrgård primarily used bamboo and strings to create sculptures influenced by her impressions in China, when she worked in TCG Nordica's guest studio June – August 2004. She ended her stay in Kunming with an exhibition.

In 2005 she also showed her China works and photos from Kunming in her exhibition “Connection” in Swedish Bohusläns Museum (January – March) and Hässleholm Kulturhuset (April – May).

Hyllie Park students in TCG Nordica 0304

A delegation of eight students from Malmö HPF School stayed in TCG Nordica for nine months during the Fall of 2003 and Spring of 2004.

The second student group from Hyllie Park Folkhögskola in Malmö was lead by Course Coordinator Eva Lindberg.

POING visits TCG Nordica

May 2004. Norwegian contemporary music trio POING visits TCG Nordica for a month and cooperates with Chinese local musicians.

Norwegian contemporary music trio POING consisting of Frode Haltli, (accordion), Håkon Thelin (double bas) and Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophone) visits TCG Nordica, Kunming during the 3 – 31 May 2004. As artists in residence, they work with concerts and workshops together with Chinese musicians.

Concerts were held in TCG Nordica at May 8, 15 and 28.


Artist in Residence: Ning Zhi to Sweden

Ning Zhi, China, worked as an artist in residence in the Nordic Water Colour Museum's studio from March to May 2004.

Sponsor: Västra Götaland


Logbook. China 2004

Ten female artists from China and Sweden send logbooks to each other over a period of one year. They do not speak each other’s languages, but they communicate in other ways. In March 2004 they finally meet in Kunming, China, and create an exhibition together that later is shown in both China and Sweden.

The first part of this project is carried through in Kunming, China, where the ten artists meet for the first time in 2004, and create the exhibition together. The second part of the project takes place in 2005 in Sweden when the artists are reunited to continue their creative work together.


2004 Nordic Poetry Week

The first International Poetry Festival ever in China was arranged in TCG Nordica, Kunming, March 2004. Many renowned poets from China and Scandinavia participated in the event, which was covered by Chinese national media.

In March 11-23, 2004, a historic event took place at TCG Nordica, Kunming, China, when poets from different countries participated in the first international poetry festival ever to be arranged in China.

Lectures and poetry readings of various kinds were held continuously during the almost two weeks long event. Participants in project "Young Poetry" were also involved and inspired as they partook in the "2004 Nordic Poetry Week".

The possibility for the arrangements of the “2004 Nordic Poetry Week” in Kunming sprung from the connections made at Nässjö Poetry Festival 2002, where four Chinese poets from Kunming, lead by poet Yu Jian, participated.

Writing on the Wall - part one

Writing on the Wall is a Norwegian-Chinese dance project, initiated and lead by Dancer and Choreographer Margrete Kvalbein. “Writing on the Wall” is an interpretation of Göran Tunströms novel “The Christmas Oratoria”.

This first part of the project took place in Kunming, China in 2004. The second part is at Lista Fyr Gallery in Norway, 2005.


Dance Exchange, Sweden – Yunnan. Two parts

Four dancers from Yunnan Arts Institute take part in an exchange with the Viksjöfors Ballet and the Dance Academy of Stockholm.

The first part of the project took place in Kunming, Yunnan in 2002, the second part in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003.


Vaagsvold, Vagart and Olsen at TCG Nordica. Exhibition

Norwegian artists Sissel Vagard and Alfred Vaagsvold, and the Danish artist Joern Henrik Olsen use TCG Nordica’s guest studios for a period in 2003, after which they move down to the exhibition hall to show their work in process.

Exhibition: 8 November - 16 December, 2003

Sponsor: Norad / Areopagos

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