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”The Wind Blows” Scandinavia Summer Tour 2012

A group of young Chinese professional artists from TCG Nordica, Kunming (China) bring dance and music concert ”The Wind Blows” to Denmark, Norway and Sweden, June/July 2012.

This summer, a group from the Culture Center TCG Nordica in Kunming, China, consisting of young professional musicians and dancers visit Scandinavia, bringing for the first time the concert ”The Wind Blows” to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. At the concert, the audience can enjoy music performed on Chinese instruments such as Er Hu and Chinese flute and professional dancing on a high level.

Since 2009 artists from this group has performed together at various stages in and outside of China. Their goal is to create opportunities for young artists to develop in their profession fields and to work with art and performances centered around Christian values. The group's vision includes to encourage love, faith, forgiveness and respect in various cultural contexts.

The artist group include...

Huang Shan, Gong Zheng, Amber Jing, Luo Yanjin, Li Guangliang, Zoe Zhou and Helen Wu.

Tour Plan

22-24 juni, Malmö and Höllviken, Sweden

26-29 juni, Copenhagen, Denmark

1- 3 juli, Småland, Sweden

5-8 juli, Norway

10 juli, Kungsbacka, Sweden

Contact Eva Johansson, Malmö, at e-mail eva.johansson@hylliepark.se or phone her on +46 (0)706 49 59 56, eller +46 (0)727 23 25 23 for more information!



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