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Yangshao Culture 90 Years Anniversary

November 2011. Artists and musicians from ArtsNordica network participated at the 90 Years Celebration of the Yangshao Culture discovery in Henan province, China.

Artsnordica has for the first time been involved in a major event outside of Yunnan, in China. This time it was Henan Province which is China's largest province, with 100 million inhabitants. 1921 archaeological excavations were made here which showed that a major culture existed here before China became China, around 5000-7000 years ago. The excavation was led by a Swede, Johan Gunnar Andersson, and counts as the birth of modern archeology in China.

To accentuate the Swedish connection at the 90th anniversary, artist Janeric Johansson was invited to make a large exhibition at the Mianchi Museum. The Museum had been renovated by international standards, so the exhibition was magnificent with a lot of air between the thirty works of art.

In addition, Janeric had especially for the jubilee made a painting connected to the Swedish-Chinese cooperation started 90 years earlier. It will hang permanently in the Yangshao-culture museum, which also opened in connection to the jubilee.

Furthermore, Henan TV arranged a big Gala to which musicians Helena and Martin Berggren were invited along with Elisabeth Melander, vocal coach and artist from Malmö Academy of Music. Martin had composed a song about Yangshao which was performed along with some Swedish folk songs to a 100 million TV audience.

Liu Minjia Halvarsson, currently living in Malmö, was the one who opened up all these contacts and who also acted as an interpreter for both the exhibition and in the TV program. The ArtsNordica group also included Anders Gustafsson and Eva Johansson.

Representatives from the East Asian Museum in Stockholm were also present, along with the Chinese Cultural Attaché and the former Chinese Ambassador from Stockholm.

The event was held at the highest official level, with high security including police escort for the Swedish delegation.


Photos by Eva and Janeric Johansson.



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